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Lectures /2548

Material supporting each of the lecture topics will be made available here.

For each lecture topic, suggested reading will be provided, as well as copies of lecture slides. Screencasts of the lecture slides, with audio, will be made available via Blackboard in the prior week. It is important to have watched the lectures and followed up the reading prior to that week’s seminar.

week 1: Module introduction [see module handbook]

Topic 1: Post-crisis Economics

week 2: post-crisis economics I

week 3: post-crisis economics II

week 4: post crisis economics III

week 5: post-crisis economics IV

Topic 2: Economics and ethics

week 7: Ethics and economics I

week 8: Ethics and economics II

week 9: Ethics and economics III

week 10: Ethics and economics IV

week 11: Ethics and economics V

Topic 3: Behavioural Economics

week 15: Behavioural economics I – Intro

week 16: Behavioural economics II – basic concepts 1

week 17: Behavioural economics III – basic concepts 2

week 18: Behavioural economics IV – prospect theory 1

week 19: Behavioural economics V – prospect theory 2

week 20: Behavioural economics VI – social preference and fairness 1 and: Behavioural economics VII – social preference and fairness 2

week 21: Behavioural economics VIII – application

Topic 4: Economics and environment

week 23: Ecological economics I

week 24: Ecological economics II

week 25: Ecological economics III

Module review

w29: Revision session

w30: Revision