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Week 23 – Solutions focus III: Energy (part 2)

week 23 – Solutions focus: Energy (part 2) – learning materials ‘handout’ [pdf]

See week 8 and week 9 learning materials too

Primary materials

Watch this first:
Doerr, J and Harvey, H (2020), How to decarbonize the grid and electrify everything, TED Countdown, Oct 21st

* Energy Policy Solutions (2021), Energy Policy Design, Energy Innovation Policy and Technology LLC

See the following sections: (a) Renewable Portfolio Standards and Feed-In Tariffs, (b) Complementary Power Sector Policies, (c) Building Codes and Appliance Standards, (d) Industrial Energy Efficiency

We will be exploring the systems dynamics’ based policy simulator tool EPS has built in the w23 seminar – it is worth having a look at the (e) Architectural Design of the model.

Tech change

Carrington, D (2020), Renewable energy defies Covid-19 to hit record growth in 2020, The Guardian, Nov 10th

Common Wealth (2021), A test of mettle: Securing a future for a green UK steel industry, Feb

Crooks, E (2020), Why ‘waste not, want not’ is an unattainable energy goal, FT, Nov 11th

Lee, TB (2020), Battery prices have fallen 88 percent over the last decade, Ars Technica, Dec 18th

Morton, A (2021), World’s biggest battery with 1,200MW capacity set to be built in NSW Hunter Valley, The Guardian, Feb 5th

Toussaint, K (2020), The price of solar electricity has dropped 89% in 10 years, Fast Company, Dec 9th


Birol, F (2021), IEA chief: Net zero by 2050 plan for energy sector is coming, Financial Times, Jan 11th

Diesendorf, M and Wiedman, T (2020), Implications of Trends in Energy Return on Energy Invested (EROI) for Transitioning to Renewable Electricity, Ecological Economics, 176, 106726

Gates carbon belts

Harvey, F (2021a), World needs to kick its coal habit to start green recovery, says IEA head, The Guardian, Feb 1st

Hook, L (2020), Climate change: ‘the Paris goals are within reach’, Financial Times, Dec 12th

Hook, L and Lee, D (2021), How tech went big on green energy, Financial Times, Feb 10th

Laville, S (2021), Hundreds of millions in green grants for English homes pulled despite delays, The Guardian, Feb 10th

Le Quéré, C., Peters, G.P., Friedlingstein, P. et al. (2021), Fossil CO2 emissions in the post-COVID-19 era, Nature Climate Change, 11, 197–199

MyGridGB – energy dashboard

Patt, A and Lilliestam, J (2018), The Case against Carbon Prices, Joule, Volume 2, Issue 12, 19 December, Pages 2494-2498

Sanderson, H (2020), Battery life: the race to find a storage solution for a green energy future, Financial Times, Nov 22nd