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Week 21 – Solutions focus II: Energy

w21 learning materials: Energy – fossil fuel dependence [pdf]

Primary reading

* Buller, A (2020), ‘Doing Well by Doing Good’? Examining the rise of Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) Investing, Common Wealth, December

* Coffin, M, Dalman, A and Grant, A (2021), Beyond Petrostates: The burning need to cut oil dependence in the energy transition, Carbon Tracker Initiative, Feb

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[ see also Mazzucato, M (2021), Mission Economy, London: Allen Lane – see review: Diane Coyle (2021), Dark side of the moonshot: can the state really fix our broken capitalism?, Prospect, Jan 26th ]

Pettifor, A (2019), The case for Green New Deal, London: Verso [ see Zoe Williams’ review here ]

Ritchie, H and Roser, M (2020), Emissions by sector, Our World in Data

* SEI, IISD, ODI, E3G, and UNEP (2020), The Production Gap Report: 2020 Special Report,

News articles


Butler, B (2021), Rating agency S&P warns 13 oil and gas companies they risk downgrades as renewables pick up steam, The Guardian, Jan 27th

Jolly, J (2019), World’s biggest investor accused of dragging feet on climate crisis, The Guardian, May 21st

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Jolly, J and Ambrose, J (2021), Oil firms should disclose carbon output, says BlackRock, The Guardian, Feb 17th

Makortoff, K (2021), Shareholders push HSBC to cut exposure to fossil fuels, The Guardian, Jan 10th

Riding, S (2020), Third of low-carbon funds invest in oil and gas stocks, Financial Times, Dec 20th

Tett, G (2021), Wall Street’s new mantra: green is good, Financial Times, Jan 29th


Davies, R (2019), Norway’s $1tn wealth fund to divest from oil and gas exploration, The Guardian, Mar 8th

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Nauman, B (2020), Students push for university climate change divestments, Financial Times, Dec 7th

Fossil fuels

Agren, D (2021), Mexico was once a climate leader – now it’s betting big on coal, The Guardian, Feb 16th

Ambrose, J (2020a), Global oil demand may have passed peak, says BP energy report, The Guardian, Sept 14th

Ambrose, J (2020b), BP leads energy companies preparing two major UK carbon capture projects, The Guardian, Oct 27th

Ambrose, J (2020c), ExxonMobil warns of $30bn writedown of shale assets amid energy price slump, The Guardian, Oct 30th

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Cambridge Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index, Cambridge Cenre for Alternative Finance


Clark, D and Kiln (2013), Which companies caused global warming?, The Guardian, Nov 20th [interactive]

Laville, S (2021), Hundreds of millions in green grants for English homes pulled despite delays, The Guardian, Feb 10th

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