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Week 16 – Case study 4: Inequality /3542

>> Download worksheet and prepare before seminar

Discussion questions

  1. Outline the core findings of the Oxfam report by income groups and geography.
  2. What future implications are there in relation to the global carbon budget and the 1.5C Paris target?
  3. What policy conclusions does the Oxfam report come to?
  4. To what extent do these policy conclusions fit within the degrowth perspective?

Primary reading

Gore, T et al (2020), Confronting carbon inequality – Putting climate justice at the heart of the COVID-19 recovery, Oxfam, Sept 21st

Background reading

Chancel. L and Piketty, T 92015), Carbon and inequality: From Kyoto to Paris Trends in the global inequality of carbon emissions (1998-2013) & prospects for an equitable adaptation fund, WORKING PAPER SERIES N° 2015/7

Harvey, F (2020), Rich failing to help fund poor countries’ climate fight, warns UN secretary general, the Guardian, Dec 9th

Muiruri, P (2021), Kenya faces $62bn bill to mitigate climate-linked hunger, drought and conflict, the Guardian, Jan 8th