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Week 11 – Degrowth II

week 11 ‘handout’ – Degrowth II [pdf]

Main reading

Corlet Walker, C and Jackson, T (2019), Measuring Prosperity — Navigating the Options, CUSP Working Paper Series | No 20

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NZ Living Standards Framework

Human Development Index

Happy Planet Index


Centre for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy (CASSE)

Research and Degrowth

R&D’s definition of degrowth – with a very neat summary video

See Miklós Antal’s TEDxDanubia 2014 talk: Plan B — is there an alternative to economic growth?

Harvey, F (2020), Britons want quality of life indicators to take priority over economy, The Guardian, May 10th

Stratford, B (2020), Green growth vs degrowth: are we missing the point?, OpenDemocracy, Dec 4th

Other material

Hickel, J (2020), The Myth of America’s Green Growth, Foreign Policy, June 18th

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Jackson, T (2009b, repr. 2011), Prosperity without Growth: Economics for a Finite Planet, Abingdon: Earthscan

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