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Week 2 – Climate in context


Week 2 slides handout [PP slides with audio are on Blackboard]

Example concerns

Harvey, F (2020), Melting Antarctic ice will raise sea level by 2.5 metres – even if Paris climate goals are met, study finds, The Guardian, 23rd Sept

Henley, J (2020), Climate crisis could displace 1.2bn people by 2050, report warns, The Guardian, 9th Sept

Greenfield, P (2020), World fails to meet a single target to stop destruction of nature – UN report, The Guardian, 15th Sept

Watts, J (2020), Microplastic pollution devastating soil species, study finds, The Guardian, 2nd Sept

Explore the data visualisations at Our World in Data:

Ritchie, H and Roser, M (2020), CO2 and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Country Profiles, Our World in Data, August

Watch the Climate Race film:

Maple, P and Dyke, J (2019) [directors], The Race is On: Secrets and Solutions of Climate,

Background reading:

Ritchie, H and Roser, M (2020), Why do greenhouse gas emissions matter?, Our World in Data, August