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Analytical report /3542

  • 1500 words (excluding front sheet, executive summary, contents list, reference list and any appendices)
  • represents 40% of final grade
  • Submit report by March 9th 2021 (week 23) – submit via Turnitin (by 11.59am).

You are acting as a consultant to an organisation (as identified in your report proposal).

The purpose of the report – for your client – is:

  1. to identify the relevance and scale of impact of the issue on the organisation (and recognise wider influences, where relevant)
  2. to offer potential responses to that issue – how should the organisation act; what direction does it need to go in; what policy or strategy decisions need to be made.
  3. to identify potential benefits to the organisation of such responses. These may be immediate and also longer term outcomes to the organisation.

Consequently, the report structure should mirror this. The report should have the following sections:

    • Front sheet – P number, identifies client organisation
    • Executive summary
    • Contents page
    • Section A: Context and impact on the organisation
    • Section B: Recommendations to the organisation
    • Section C: Benefits to the organisation
    • Reference list
    • Appendices

You should ensure that you offer a coherent and suitably structured response to the issue chosen and that there is appropriate analysis, drawing on relevant theoretical models where appropriate. You should ensure you have incorporated responses to any feedback regarding choice of organisation, issue, theory or data sources in your report proposal.

Further research and reading beyond the module materials is expected, as you are aiming to produce a developed response. You will need to find examples, data or illustration of the issues and draw on the base of established academic literature.

 You must ensure that your report is suitably referenced using CiteThemRight Harvard format.