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w4: Post-crisis economics III /2548

‘Handout’ for week 4 learning materials [pdf] – see Powerpoint slides with audio on Blackboard

>> Watch this

** INET (2014), Interview – Bill Mitchell: Demystifying Modern Monetary Theory, Institute for New Economic Thinking, Dec 28th


Davies, G (2019), What you need to know about modern monetary theory, Financial Times, April 28th

* Debunking Economics podcast (2017), Does Modern Monetary Theory make sense, Nov 7th

Graeber, David (2014), Debt: the first 5000 years (updated and expanded), Hoboken, New Jersey: Melville House Publishing

Hudson, M et al (2020), The Use and Abuse of MMT, Naked Capitalism, April 10th

Hughes, P and Kaltenbrunner, A (2020), What is the role of money in economics? in Deane, K and Van Waeyenberge, E (eds), Recharting the History of Economic Thought, London: Red Globe Press pp131-147

Jayadev, A and Mason, JW (2018), Mainstream Macroeconomics and Modern Monetary Theory: What Really Divides Them?, Institute for New Economic Thinking, Sept 6th

** Nersisyan, Y and Wray, LR (2020), Are We All MMTers Now? Not so Fast, Levy Economics Institute of Bard College, One-Pager No. 63, April

Raworth K (2017), Doughnut economics: seven ways to think like a 21st century economist, London: Penguin Random House
[see the Doughnut Economics YouTube channel as well]

Romer, P (2016), The Trouble With Macroeconomics, Commons Memorial Lecture of the Omicron DeltaEpsilon Society, Jan 5th

* Wray, LR (2019a), Alternative paths to modern money theory, Real-World Economics Review, issue no. 89
[see a lecture by Wray on this – unfortunately the footage excludes his slides]

** Wray, LR (2019b), What is MMT?, RWER blog, Oct 10th


Elliott,  L (2021), Covid pushes UK government borrowing to peacetime record of £303bn, The Guardian, April 23rd

Taylor, L (2019), Not So Modern Monetary Theory, Institute for New Economic Thinking, Oct 31st

> Watch

BBC (2020), The secret history of writing – episode 1: From Pictures to Words , Sept 21st [not currently available in full]

CNBC (2019), Modern Monetary Theory explained by Stephanie Kelton, Mar 4th [about 9 mins – a quick primer]

> Listen

BBC Radio 4 (2014), Why Minsky Matters, Analysis, Mar 30th