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Week 9 – Case study 3: Food /3542

Download and complete the worksheet


The Food Programme (2020), Sitopia – a land with food at its centre, BBC Radio 4, Aug 31st
– imagining the possibilities for 2030 (30 mins)


Fitzpatrick, I et al (2019), THE HIDDEN COST OF UK FOOD (revised ed), Sustainable Food Trust, July
[See Exec Summary; ch 1 – introduction (pp12-21); ch 2 – Natural capital degradation (pp22-29); ch 3- biodiversity loss (pp30-33); ch 11 – Conclusions and reccomendations (pp60-64)]

Discussion questions

  1. What are the key concerns that the Sustainable Food Trust report raises?
  2. What general issues exist in attempting to put financial values on things like natural capital degradation or biodiversity loss?
  3. Select either one of categories of natural capital degradation identified (GHG and air pollution; food waste; soil degradation; water)
    or biodiversity loss
    – outline the specific concern and potential policy responses
  4. How possible is it that the UK could arrive at Carolyn Steel’s Sitopia by 2030?

Background reading

Seal, R (2020), Reality bites: how the pandemic changed the way we eat, The Guardian, July 4th

Steel, C (2019), Sitopia: The Power of Thinking Through Food, Technosphere magazine, May 29th

Watts, J (2019), World’s food supply under ‘severe threat’ from loss of biodiversity, The Guardian, Feb 21st

Watts, J (2020), 1% of farms operate 70% of world’s farmland, The Guardian, Nov 24th