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Exam /3542

  • Individual, closed book examination
  • 1.5 hours duration
  • represents 50% of final grade
  • Takes place in normal examination period
    (typically during May) – subject to Covid-19 restrictions

The w29-30 seminars will be briefing sessions on the exam. You are advised to attend those sessions, as general advice about how to address the exam will be provided, as well as specific guidance on topics.

As the module is new, there are no past papers but sample questions will be provided on Blackboard in term 2.

Exam Learning Outcomes

Assessments relate directly to the module’s learning outcomes (below). The exam assessment will reflect the following learning outcomes:

    • Understand selected models and concepts in ecological economics, with recognition of appropriate authors and originators
    • Discuss and analyse environmental issues from an ecological economics perspective, utilising suitable tools of analysis
    • Critically assess applications of selected economic models to contemporary environmental, economic and policy contexts