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Assessment /3542

Assessment strategy

Reassessment information will be provided on Blackboard from July 15th. Submisison of any reassessment will be via Turnitin by August 20th.

weight / component / due



10% – Report proposal – 8th December 2020 [w10]

40% – Analytical report – 9th March 2021 [w23]


Individual exam or equivalent – exam period

The coursework is split between developing a proposal for an analytical report – that should seek to explore some particular aspect of the environmental issues and concerns that the module addresses and develop an ecological economics-based (policy) response. The proposal should be submitted in week 10. Tutor feedback on the proposal should guide the analytical report, due in week 10.

The exam will take place in the usual exam period and will require students to answer two essay questions (in 1.5 hours) – subject to normal exam procedures being possible. The questions will cover the syllabus and will expect students to demonstrate a suitable grasp of the contemporary environment and make use of relevant economic models and tools of analysis.