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Lectures /3542

Lecture materials, readings and other resources will be regularly updated on this part of the module website (which can also be accessed through the module’s Blackboard presence). Check the relevant lecture’s page before the lecture in question. There will be detailed guidance for reading and activities for each lecture topic.

** Please bear in mind that this is a new module and so the materials are being developed on an ongoing basis. **

There is generally one hour of asynchronous lecture material per week, from week 1. This will generally then be explored and followed up in the seminar sessions.

Autumn term (weeks 1-11) – enhancement week: w6

Introduction to Module (week 1)

Topic 1           The climate in context (w2-3)

Topic 2           Environmental vs Ecological economics (w4-5)

Topic 3           Energy and biophysical approaches (w7-9)

Topic 4           Sustainability and the circular economy (w10-11)

Spring term (weeks 15-25) – enhancement week: w22

Topic 5           Degrowth and zero growth (w15-17)

Topic 6           Future Solutions (w18-24):

        1. Energy*
        2. Transport*
        3. Plastics and packaging*
          * subject to change

Module review (w25)

Summer Term

week 29/30   Module revision