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6: Classical economic thought /2547

Week 10: The emergence of Political Economy [pdf] / timeline diagram [pdf]

Primary reading

* Backhouse, R (2002), The Penguin History of Economics, London: Penguin books [ch6-7]

* Backhouse, R and Tribe, K (2014), Economic ideas and the emergence of political economy, in Floud, R, Humphries, J and Johnson, J (eds), The Cambridge Economic History of Modern Britain vol 1 1700-1870, Cambridge: CUP [pp421-442]

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Formaini, RL (2004), David Ricardo – Theory of international free trade, Economic Insights, v9 no.2


Wikipedia entries on Adam Smith, Thomas Malthus, Jeremy BenthamDavid Ricardo, the Corn Laws,  JB Say, JS Mill, William Jevons

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INET (2012), D’Maris Coffman — The Corn Laws: Seeing through the Eyes of Ricardo and Malthus [interview], Institute for New Economic Thinking, Oct 16th -> about this project: Corn Returns Online

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Panmure House (2013), Adam Smith, Edinburgh Business School, Heriot-Watt University history of economics timeline <- very useful for overview