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> Economic History

Economic History

In the current context of the Covid-19 pandemic and consequent changes to teaching and delivery, this module has been paused for 2020/21 but will be retooled as a new first year module for 2022.

The existing second year resources from the module’s last run (as ECON2547) in 2019-20 will continue to be available here until that point.

Module purpose

The module represents an application of economic ideas to the past, in order to understand how and why economies change, and how economic thought develops and is influenced by its historical context.

Given the potential chronological and geographical scope the module could address, it is necessary to limit the focus to a range of significant periods. The primary country of interest is the UK, but some aspects necessarily require a broader geographical scope at points. There is a general chronological progression to the module’s content, but with focus on some specific periods and aspects.