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Assessment /2548

Assessment Strategy

weight –– component –– due in

50% ––  Individual assignment –– week 25

50% –– Individual exam –– exam period

The coursework is built around the seminar case study activities.

Each of the six key case study seminars requires preparation beforehand and in-class activity.

Each key case study will also have a reflective question which will require students to produce a brief commentary on that case study, building up a reflective journal covering the six cases. Although the final submission is in week 25, the coursework is effectively spread throughout the first and second terms and is directly related to the work that students must prepare for seminars.

The exam will take place in the usual exam period and will require students to answer short answer questions and an essay question (in one hour). The questions will cover the syllabus and will expect students to demonstrate a suitable grasp of the contemporary economic environment and make use of economic models and tools of analysis.