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Emily Bell on The Times’ paywall… and what of other Murdoch property?

Emily Bell, The Guardian’s erstwhile web editor, offers a reasoned perspective from NY on News International’s recent data on how The Times is faring behind its paywall: W(h)ither the Times?. There’s been quite a lot of comment about the numbers released by News International, but her key theme is that the paywall represents a change in the significance of The Times as a tool for political influence and that Murdoch’s intent is to pursue broadcast media (and use other newspapers, like the WSJ) as more effective ‘influencers’. It’s a useful and valid standpoint from which to assess his decision-making.

it also ties in with another News International property -myspace. From being seen as evidence of Rupe’s canny insight into the web, it’s now a deadweight around his neck. Facebook’s trouncing of myspace in the UK and globally is very evident. The re-design and re-focus of myspace on music is its last chance to stave off sale or being folded.

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