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IPCC 5th Assessment Report

Published today, the IPCC’s AR5 shows us a future in which climate change forms a “a threat to security, food and humankind” (Goldenberg, 2014). The recognition that the impact of climate change is already being felt, and will, in all likelihood, worsen in coming years should be an impetus to substantial change. However, pessimistically, one might suspect that little will change in terms of government policy.

What will it take to force the necessary changes in resource and energy consumption and emissions? Acknowledgement that climate change is real and happening now is perhaps the first step, but the policy follow-through and the lifestyle changes that we must make are likely to be less forthcoming. I came across The Guardian’s neat ‘how hot will it get in my lifetime’ interactive on their website – and it’s eye-opening as it places the pace of change into your own timeline. This is my climate life:


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